hello, december

Manila, 1 December—I figured I should do a drive-by update because just like that, it’s already December! Wow. How’s your Christmas shopping going?! Mine’s been thrown so terribly askew by general Q4 madness, but I do hope to catch up soon! Anyway, just a couple of things for this update:

  1. Knives Out is really damn good and so damn fun!

Or you know what, skip the trailer. We went in without knowing much about anything and it made the experience all the better. If you want a buy-in, choose your own poison: Daniel Craig’s non-James Bond accent? Jamie Lee Curtis’ gorgeous hair? Toni Collette? Very Important Dogs? That Bonkers Soundtrack? Chris Evans’ sweater? All of the above?

All of the above. (But especially Chris Evans in a non-Marvel role. Please bring Chris back into normal movies!)

Anyway, if you love whodunits and that distinct delicious feeling of the reveal after everything falls into place, you’d love how quirky Knives Out is. So fun.

  1. My 2019.11 Spotify playlist is so spot-on.

Every month of this year, I compiled songs I liked throughout the month in a playlist, and in honor of December beginning, I would like to share my Spotify playlist for the month of November because it is actually quite good. Enjoy :)

Standout track: Maggie Rogers - Love you for a long time

Well, that’s it for me today. December! Time flies.



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