courage to hope

Manila, 1 December—Sending this out early because UP has done the impossible—after clinching its first Final Four spot in 21 years, it overcame Adamson's twice-to-beat odds to book its first Finals match in 32 years, and against veteran champion team Ateneo no less.

And boy, were those UP-Adamson matches intense and heart-stopping! The do-or-die game went to overtime, thanks to a clutch three-pointer from Adamson's Jerom Lastimosa at the end of the fourth quarter. Overtime began shakily—until UP captain Paul Desiderio took charge.

The rest, as they say, is history. 

There is much celebration not only across Diliman but across the UP System—clips of live viewings in other campuses like UPLB were such a sight. People really trooped to their open spaces to watch the livestream of the game. I bet Game 1 between Ateneo and UP will attract even more viewers to the public streams—I heard it was really hard to get tickets! 

In any case, we'll be streaming wherever we are come game time. Good luck Maroons! :) 

MOVIE REC: Wreck it Ralph 2

Wreck it Ralph 2: You don't need to have watched the first one to find this laugh-out loud, cry-and-pee-slightly funny.

Why did we find this so damn funny? We don't really have the answer. Watch it for the Disney Princesses and the Slaughter Race song that cements Vanellope's rightful slot in the updated roster of Disney Princesses. Also, I hope you stayed through the credits for that fitting post-credit scene. This movie nails my kind of humor. Watch it.

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