do or die

Manila, 25 November—I was out celebrating a girl friend's birthday when the news came: UP won against Adamson in its first playoffs game in TWENTY-ONE YEARS. Adamson, the number 2 team in UAAP basketball, had a twice-to-beat advantage over UP's third seed, so it was absolutely necessary for the Maroons to win their first game, if they wanted to live to fight another day.

They did exactly just that, prevailing over Adamson 73-71, on the back of MVP Bright Akhuetie (UP's first MVP in THIRTY TWO YEARS) and Paul Desiderio's fantastic clutch game in the dying seconds of the final quarter.

You can watch Bright's game winning layup here.

Here's the game winner.

We started tuning in at the final moments, because we were too nervous to really focus on it. We peeked at the score every now and then via Twitter, but found that it was close through and through. Damn. Hanggang dulo, heart attack. What a good game though! I honestly thought it would go into overtime, but this year's roster is clearly something else. 

There's still Wednesday's game to think about—but then Wednesday pa naman yun LOL. Perhaps for now we can celebrate.

GAME REC: TerraGenesis

My latest game obsession is called TerraGenesis, which I play on Android. In this game, your mission is to transform another planet into a habitable one by enhancing temperature, pressure, oxygen, and water levels. It's strangely calming and exciting at the same time. Technically, you're using real science to cultivate planets. How out of this world is that?? Anyway, my world is as good as habitable—but not after I accidentally flooded it after accidentally sleeping on all my water-making facilities. I wiped out two colonies :( Sorry guys.