mnemonics & other stories

Manila, 31 January—And just like that we're done with the first month of the year! On a scale of Wow where did January Go? to Wow, this January has been the longest January in the history of Januaries, where did yours fall? :)

If January is any indication as to how the rest of this year is going to pan out, then I'm guessing it'd be one hell of a ride: Already, our plates are full with Mayon Volcano, Rappler's license revocation, and the USTAA hullaballoo and we've only just begun.

Though of course, looking at whatever exploded over the Internet is hardly a good gauge of what really mattered this month—after all, much of what was really important happened offline: The post-Christmas tito/tita party with college friends, mid-afternoon catch-up drinks with old colleagues, brunch with former travel-mates, a wedding too. I'm actually looking forward to a decade-and-a-half overdue reunion with the people I used to work with in the high school newspaper, and coffee with a classmate I last saw when we were in first grade. SERYOSO. Sometimes, no matter how much I hate social media, I love it anyway for these tiny gems. Hay I wish I knew how to quit you lol.

Plans. I wish I had some.

This is The Economist's data journ blog, Graphic Detail:

A batshit nerdy thing that really excites me is data journalism. I've always fantasized being a part of a data journalism blog or maintaining a small one where I can do regular graphs and shit. No kidding. I imagined I'd do one every other day, just making data more digestible and friendlier and contextualized, and just generally non-intimidating. I have an entire bookmark folder of remarkable data journalism/data visualization blogs of various publications and non-profits. I really think there's much storytelling that can be done here. I probably should be doing more of that this year. (Attention @anamgroa haha)

In other news: I made something

This book ships internationally via Lulu and locally via Materica. You can also hit me up and order from me directly: P399 (plus shipping). BDO/Metrobank/BPI/Paypal/Paymaya payment options available :)

You know what, my book designer is very hireable, and she's really good at what she does. (Disclosure: I am also her manager haha)

So yes, totoo ang chismis: I spent the last couple of months of 2017 taking old stories apart and putting them back together. I figured it was high time to revisit these old things, and ten years after seems like a good time as any.  

Though the stories have been reworked, much of the gorgeousness is because I had the best book designer. This book won't be here if it weren't for her patience and craftsmanship. :)