we were in el nido

Manila, 30 July—I may not be much of a traveler, but believe it or not, if there’s one thing I do enjoy, it’s traveling for work. Last week, work took me to El Nido, Palawan.

It was hella rainy in El Nido when we went around, but despite the downpour, it was such a sight. One day, we’ll be back—for pleasure I hope, and under much brighter sun.

Anyway, the rains held me back from taking lots of photos, but I was with my photographer colleague Byron Santiago, who graciously let me borrow his photos for this post. He has more photos on his Instagram here.

Lagi kong tanong kay Byron yung bakit pareho lang naman kami lagi ng pinupuntahan pero laging mas maganda yung pics nya sakin lol

While we were there, we joined a tour and our guide was Kuya Vic, who took care of us as we hopped from one island to another. A native of Dumaguete, Kuya Vic journeyed to Palawan to find work, and found himself in the tourism industry. He says that in places like El Nido, which capitalize on their natural resources, tour guides must truly act as guardians and protectors.

We did this interview under pouring rain lol.

Anyway, while we were there, news broke that the government was mulling shutting parts of El Nido down, just like Boracay, for rehabilitation. Considering how many local businesses were displaced in Boracay as a result, I can’t help but think about what Kuya Vic and his colleagues would do, should the rehab also close El Nido down.

Anyway, we flew into El Nido via Airswift/Lio Airport and stayed in Lio Beach, which was about an hour’s drive from downtown El Nido. It was a quiet space tucked away from everything. I’d love to come back and chill sometime, maybe read a book by the shore or drink a rum coke. Someday, when it’s sunnier.

For now, have a photo of me in a purple lifejacket at the Snake sandbar something or other:

It’s always summer in my heart lol xo