yearender: things we watched in 2020

Manila, 24 December—Merry Christmas Eve guys! Wishing you a safe celebration above all. Because we probably have lots of time for binge-watching, I figured I’ll share this yearender installment ahead of everything else.

2020 has been a banner year in terms of consuming content, and this year, I consumed a lot of movies and series while under lockdown. It’s been an enjoyable year and the mix of shows and movies below is proof enough.

Some notes, if you will:

  1. The last movie we saw in the cinemas: Little Women by Greta Gerwig

  2. At the start of the pandemic lockdowns, we binge-watched the most appropriate Netflix series: Kingdom.

  3. Also enjoyed while under quarantine: Unbelievable, The Handmaiden (a.k.a. the inappropriate Holy Week rewatch)

  4. Generally conflicted about The L Word reboot, but it was generally also enjoyable.

  5. Hands down my favorite movie this year: The Half of It by Alice Wu.

  6. Oh god, we totally loved the final season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. How is that even just this year???

  7. Something heavy and apt for the times: A Thousand Cuts by Ramona Diaz

  8. Another one: Aswang by Alyx Ayn Arumpac.

  9. Eons late to John Wick (but got there, all right.) Killing Eve Season 3 was a bit underwhelming and scattered but we still love Villanelle. That Hamilton staging was ngl amazing. Mentioned these in a round-up here.

  10. I believe the most underrated movie this year on Netflix is Charlize Theron’s The Old Guard. Also in this wrap-up: Palm Springs (Groundhog Day, but make it COVID), Unsolved Mysteries.

  11. Brief mention: The Umbrella Academy on Netflix. Which was weird but good!

  12. Ugh the first half of Lucifer Season 5. WHERE IS THE REST OF IT GUYS

  13. Among the most infuriating things I watched this year: The Social Dilemma

  14. The 100 aired its final final episode in October and we watched it because Lexa was there lmao.

  15. Teenage Bounty Hunters deserves a Season 2 and I will forever be mad that it has been cancelled.

  16. The Haunting of Bly Manor. That’s it, that’s the entry. Lovely and terrifying—a lot like love.

  17. This was a good year for queer Pinoy content! We had Gaya Sa Pelikula, Gameboys and Pearl Next Door. Mentioned here.

  18. A lesbian holiday rom-com! Happiest Season had its flaws, but it brought us really, really hot Aubrey Plaza. We’ll take it.

  19. Ryan Murphy’s The Prom did not make a lot of sense, but it had a lot of Meryl Streep so… ok?

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Thanks for making it this far. Have a blessed celebration <3