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Manila, 30 December—This year, we went to the cinemas and squeed over some really good movies. Hence, I’m making a special segment out of my current 2019 year-ender to highlight all the remarkable movies that made this year a thoroughly enjoyable one.

Five Movies

This year had some really good films, and they really drove us to the cinemas. It was hard whittling this down to just five, but I think it’s a complete round-up: A little bit gay, a little bit terrifying, a little bit woke and a whole lotta batshit haha. Pretty much like 2019 in a way. So here’s my list:

  1. Billie & Emma. Tender and familiar in all the right places, this movie by Sam Lee is about two young girls falling in love in the mid-90s. All-girl schools, bicycles, and lesbians. Fantastic ensemble, beautiful cinematography.

  1. Us. Jordan Peele’s thriller had us alternately seething and yelling. Lupita Nyong’o in this movie was mesmerizing.

  1. Knives Out. Star-studded whodunit in the tradition of Agatha Christie. Went in blind and had a bonkers good time. Chris Evans in a non-Avengers role! Daniel Craig in a non-James Bond role! Maximum fun was had by all.

  1. Parasite. Hard to find a 2019 favorite movies list without Bong Joon-ho’s Cannes winner, which tells the story of two entirely different families. Lies, deception, secrets and the good ol’ class struggle. Tale as old as time so masterfully done.

  1. Portrait of a Lady on Fire. French lesbians? Oh yes. The moment we began this movie at the cinemas, I thought, This is it. This is why I have to write a list of my favorite movies for this year. And so, here I am.

Runners up:

What a year! I’m sure my list missed a lot of movies—what’s on your list?

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Happy New Year, friends!